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James Hitchins is a self-taught artist born in Zimbabwe and raised in Zambia, Central Africa with the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls on his doorstep. Inspired by the quiet moments on the Zambezi River as a wildlife enthusiast he uses art as an experimental presentation of providing the observer with a subject in a black and white medium bringing these pieces to unusual and unexpected life. Unlike the concept of hyperrealism where the object is often exactingly accentuated by enhancing vibrance using colour, his work delicately mediates between using a play of light with white charcoal to produce imagery that allows the mind to add its own further vibrance whether it is in colour, light or movement with an uncanny and surrealistic outcome. 


Gaining International recognition, James recently exhibited artworks in London after being shortlisted for both the London Art Biennale 2023 and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation's Wildlife Artist of the Year 2023.

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